T. C. Okan Üniversitesi


Introduction to Computers (BLG101)


Asst. Prof. Dr. Şadi Evren ŞEKER

Noyan Sebla Günay

Web Sitesi: www.sadievrenseker.com/blg101

Email Adresi:blg101e [at] sadievrenseker.com

Course Descrition:

Aim of this course is introducing basic computer skills in windows and office environments. Office programs Word, Excel and Power Point will be introduced and some basic reporting and engineering skills will be demonstrated over these programs.

Tentative Course Outline:
  1. Week: Introduction to course.
  2. Week: Hardware basics, windows operating system, file/folder operations, discovering desktop environment, control panel, find tool
  3. Week: Word processor, basic writing skills, formatting text, paragraphs
  4. Week: Spell checker, tabs, tables, auto text, track changes
  5. Week: Page layout, header / footer, page numbers, table of contents, Printer options.
  6. Week: drawings, smart arts
  7. Week: I. midterm
  8. Week: Introduction to spread sheet applications. discovering cell workbook sheet concepts. Simple tables and formulas.
  9. Week: Data management (sort, filtering, series, pivot table)
  10. Week: Excel formulas, functions, goal seek, scenarios
  11. Week: Excel graphics
  12. Week: II. midterm
  13. Week: Introduction to powerpoint, presentation, slide, component concepts. Managing and formatting slides.
  14. Week: Graphs, charts, tables and cliparts. Managing the animation and effects on presentations.
  15. Week: Frontpage and Publisher applications, creating a personal web page.
Above schedule is tentative and can have some changes depending on the peformance. 

  • Refrences
    Microsoft training site
  • Microsoft office and windows books

  • Time and location:
  • Courses will be held in lab4, Wed 13-16