Introduction to Quantum Computing

Date: March 18, 2011

by Asst. Prof. Şadi Evren ŞEKER*

Seminar will be held on Kadir Has University, Department of Computer Science

This seminar aims to introduce the basic concepts of quantum computing and applications of quantum physics into computing theory.

Quantum computing is one of the current hot topics. After the first time application of quantum physics into computing, most of the classical computing theories have been questioned and most of them have been revised. Quantum computing starts with the development in the bit level and up until now most of the studies focused to decrease the complexity of classical algorithms.

This seminar will cover the basic concepts of quantum computing and will introduce some basic quantum algorithms and quantum circuits. Also, possible future developments will be discussed.


·         Introduction to the quantum physics and uncertainty theory

·         Quantum level information and qubits

·         Dirac notation

·         Data processing and qubits

·         Bell States

·         Quantum non-cloning theory

·         Quantum gates

·         Quantum algorithms

For the seminar slides, click here

*Şadi Evren ŞEKER, is Assistant Prof. in Istanbul University, department of computer engineering. He has achieved his BSc. and MSc. Degrees on computer science and engineering from Yeditepe University and MA degree from Istanbun Technical University. He has received his Phd. degree on computer engineering  from  Yildiz Technical University. His research interests are Natural Language Processing, Temporal Logics, Quantum computing and Cryptography. He is also publishing basic computer science terms through his wiki site . For further information you can refer to his personal home page